Best ways to make money from website?

Best ways to make money from website? I have been making money with Google adsense for a few years and that works quite well, but now I am looking for other ways to make money from my websites.
In general what’s the best method for generating revenue from your websites? Do you think making & selling your own products and services is more profitable than selling other peoples products and services and taking a small cut?

[font=verdana]It’s difficult, and there is no one right answer that works for everybody.

I’ve heard it said that producing and selling off-the-shelf software is a better tactic than physical products, website design or other bespoke services, because that way you have a one-off investment to create the software and then you can sell it again and again for almost no extra cost to yourself … whereas any physical product, design or other service will require investment or production costs for each and every sale, which obviously means you have to recoup those costs in each and every sale rather than amortising them over the aggregated sales of a single software product.

On the other hand, it may be that you can only sell software to a limited market at a fairly low price – people often aren’t willing to pay much for software, which they see as having next-to-zero production costs – whereas for a physical product or bespoke service, you may be able to charge much more, with higher margins, and more profit across the whole production run.

Re-selling other people’s products is a tricky one. How are you going to be able to undercut other re-sellers or the original producer, bearing in mind you need to take a cut? Sometimes there may be a way to make money on it, especially if you can buy in bulk, but it’s likely to be a more competitive market place because there will be other people doing exactly the same. At least if it’s your own product, you can build something unique and distinct from the competition.

A lot of it comes down to your own skill set and capabilities … what are you able to do? Different people have different strengths, and you’re likely to get much further by playing to the things you can do well rather than moving into a new and unknown area with little experience and a steep learning curve.[/font]

What do your websites do?

Selling off-the-shelf products also has costs for each and every sale - customer service. It will make or break your business. In my experience, it can cost more than the production itself. Depending on the kind of physical products or services you’d sell they can be a better tactic, so you can’t really make that general comparison.

Affiliate Marketing is the best choice. Choose your website’s related niche and try to promote Affiliate Product.

Hard to see, if you have a website only, no people help you, no much spare times, and selling other peoples products and services is a good choice, Google adsense, Affiliate Marketing, and banner ad are properly.

Online marketing is the best way to making money online. for this you should have an merchant account. for the E-commerce retail sales websites, is the best option in merchant account. They operate in various countries and offer no processing fees, great customer service.

I’d like to ask the same question as php_daemon. What exactly do your websites do? What kind of content are you putting in your websites? Are you making content about something that you really love? If that would be the case, then why not capitalize on that? It’s pretty hard to come up with one exact answer because all this depends on the person who’s looking forward to making money through his or her websites.

well it you have a larger audience or loyal visitors then there are plenty of ways to make money likes buy n sell ads, ebay and affiliate marketing etc.