Best way to show concept designs to client

Hi guys,

I’m working with a client that’s very far away and we’re going through many design revisions on a large scale web design project. Until now l’ve just been emailing the JPEGS over to him and trying to name them all according to revision #. But this isn’t efficient in my eyes, and we need to come up with something different.

I’m wondering if any of you can suggest a good place to upload large 980x750 JPEG files into an album type setting that would work good. I’ve tried picasa, image shack and flkr but they all require multiple clicks to view the full size image.

Perhaps not the exact same thing you were intending at, but Ember is a pretty solid tool for showcasing concept artwork or screenshot’s of inspiring websites:

It’s certainly a different use for the application but I believe it would do the job well. :slight_smile:

Thanks l’m trying it out now… a friend suggested so l’m checking that one out now too, it seems like it might work as well.

I’ve just started to share files with a colleague via DropBox, and it’s pretty amazing and free. You have a shared folder that is both online and on your desktop. So each file (and they can be very large) opens with one click.