Best way to set up translated sections of Wordpress site

I’m wondering if anyone can offer advice on different ways to set up a translated section within a Wordpress site. I’m curious about case studies, professional advice and recommendations. I don’t believe translation plugins can work in every scenario but I am considering those. I’m not sure about the project I am about to work on but I’m now just looking at options.

For example should I create categories according to language and duplicate pages with translated content? A part of me is considering tabs on each page that correspond to different language and content.

Any ideas or suggestions or proven effective, examples? Thanks in advance.

I’ve used qtranslate plugin with success for two language site: for every post, category, page I had to make two contents (in one place in admin panel).

If you have an actual budget and prefer quality. I would suggest WPML and Google’s Translate.

I have been thinking about moving a more complex multilingual website to WordPress but wasn’t yet sure how. I am going to check qtranslate and WPML out. Thanks

Hey guys,
I’ve got a similar problem that I’m hoping you can help me out with or at least point me in the right direction.
I’ve built this website in French using WordPress; no posts just pages.
Now the owner wants me to make an English version and I’m confused as to how best to go about this.
Thanks in advance

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