Best way to set up Div alongside Twitter feed


Have this site here.

Quite simple with just the slider Div on top, with the Twitter feed to the left and text located in the right Div.

Have a problem which I think relates to the Twitter feed in that when a new tweet is added, it will shift the Div on the right up or down quite a few pixels (depending on how much text is in the tweet).

To get the right Div to line up with the Twitter feed, I have used margin-top: -412px. Don’t think this is correct so maybe this is causing the problem?

Thanks for any help.

EDIT: Think there is an issue with Twitter at the moment as the feed keeps going down, in turn causing the right Div to move up beneath the slider!


I can’t see the twitter feed code at the moment but you would needs to ensure that the code that is output is inside a div that is floated left and has a width that fits next to your welcome div.

Remove the margin-top from your welcome div as that is not the correct way to place it.

Alternatively place the floated welcome div before the twitter code and then the code should wrap next to the float. Floats must come first in source if you want content to wrap or align horizontally with them.

If the Twitter feed starts working I’ll take another look later.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your help. I’ve put the script inside a Div (gave a border so I can see it for now). Bit of a head slap moment for not doing it in the first place! Just waiting to see what’s up with the script. I heard these feeds can be problematic, but had the site up for around a month and no trouble until now. It came back for 5mins and has gone again now. Hopefully it’s just something Twitters end and it will be up again soon.



Remove the height from #twitterfeed or the content will spill out :slight_smile: