Best Way to Manage Passwords?

Ive been thinkin about changin the way i create my passwords for a while and im looking for some ideas… I came across this article which gives me some ideas but im looking for some more… any ideas? :slight_smile:

Yeah, just have one* really long password where you personally ‘encrypt’ the words/sentence to make one long string of nonsense

it’s really easy if you think hard enough: e.g 1t5r3@11y35y1fy0uth1nkh@rd3n0ugh

The down side is sometimes sites/apps don’t allow non-standard characters in passwords. In this circumstance, just create a non-standard character version of the ‘one ring to rule them all’ password without those specialities, and you’ll remember the two* passwords fine.

This technique should see you fine until the next century , or when someone devises a method of grabbing such passwords… :<

ofcourse you can encrypt your password using some encryption like RSA,or apply your own algo.

I’ve been using a dictionary password for an app that is ridden with account theft for the past 2 years. Number of times I’ve been hacked? zero.

Your password strength won’t save you from most attacks.

What’s that?

[FONT=“Georgia”]I saved them in a password-protected Excel Spreadsheet, inside Cryptainer.


I use keepass. It manages all my passwords. It has some cool features I’ve never used, like remind you when a password should be changed, and randomly create passwords.

I use really simple passwords such as “password” or just the same name as my username.

I have two classes of passwords:

[list][]Passwords for things I don’t care use much
]Passwords I want to remember[/list]

For passwords for things that I don’t use much, I just use a random password generator. I use KeePass to store my passwords.

For passwords I want to remember, I just write a very concise story. ex. i_b0ughttt… th_tch@1r!!:slight_smile: It’s very easy to remember, and yet not easy to guess. Some of my passwords also come out fairly long, but I see that as an advantage.

I don’t agree with hash. Just because that doesn’t happen to be the most easily exploitable point of entry doesn’t mean that you should purposely weaken your security. My passwords are not much harder to remember than a simple alphanumeric password, so hash’s suggestion is only a lose-lose situation.

Also, that linked article is just garbage. Lifehacker is the wrong place to get tech tips from.

KeePass is the best product out there IMO, it generates random passwords for you, and you can setup a database (that’s encrypted) containing all your passwords so you can copy / paste, drag / drop them as and when you require it. It’s totally secure, and it’s open source. As for passwords that are easy to remember, Steve Gibson once said you should make up a sentence and just join all the words together, that will prevent brute force attacks and give you something complex no hacker will guess (thiscouldbeyournumber1password). Though I’ve never had an account hacked (even with simple passwords). :slight_smile:

I use a notepad. None of my passwords are stored on computers.