Best way to make Java backend "visible"

Hi everybody,

as I wrote in the topic I search a good way to make a backend, written in Java, visible.
A friend and I want to try to develop an application.
He definitely wants to write the backend with Java.
Now I search a way to get all this on the screen, so I want to write the frontend for this.
I already searched and read a little bit but im still not sure what’s the best way to do this.
I think there is no “best way”, but can you recommend something?

The devices we want to cover are mobilephones as well as the computer.
I had two ideas:

  1. a responsive website (wordpress)
  2. an application with cordova and ionic in visual studio

Which of these do you prefer? Is there another, better way to do it ?
I already programmed in java, c#, javascript, html, css, php, bootstrap, wordpress and a little bit angularjs so it would be cool if it’s with some of this “languages”. If not it is ok too.
Do you maybe have a good tutorial or something like this, where I can see how I can exchange all the data between the java backend and my frontend?

Thank you in advance =)

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