Best way to implement an audio file to animation

I’ve come to terms, Flash just wasn’t designed for the way my mind works. I’ve just not been able to pick it up.

I need to create a simple animation (just text and image transitions) that has an MP3 file playing in the background. Certain images will need to sync to key areas in the audio file.

What is the best way to do it? I don’t see any tutorials that describe what I’m trying to do (AS3 or timeline). They usually end before anything that I need is explained… or explain something different entirely.

Is it easiest just to drag the clip (5 minutes long) to the time line and make transitions around it?

Thanks MUCH

Generally syncing sound to animation in Flash is a tedious task. Or at least was the last time i did it.
Not sure how your not finding anything through searching. It’s been a common question asked over the years.

Have a look through some of these and see if you find anything of use.

Thanks Paul, it is. I can’t stand Flash.

Just pressed for time.

Appreciate the link.