Best way to get SEO ranking for image-based site

How do I best approach common SEO techniques for <snip>?

The problem here is the content is all image based, so other than Friendly URLS, H1/H2 tags, Sitemap, RSS Feed, Alt Img, what else can be done to gain search rankings?

Any ideas would be interesting to hear.

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right, okay…

Sites that consist mainly of images will usually do badly in search results (except perhaps for image searches, which is a special case). Search engines really need text for indexing a page. Unless you have plenty of relevant text, the engine can’t know what the page is about, and so will tend to exclude it from search results.

So, what exactly are you trying to achieve with your site? Are you in the business of selling photos, and the aim of the site is to attract potential customers? If so, you should add text that includes the keywords that customers are likely to search for. Or do you simply want to show off the photos to your friends? If so, stop worrying about SEO; there are plenty of ways of telling your friends about the site.

But, in general, adding plenty of relevant text is likely to be the answer to your question.


Name Your image with real word phrases, add complementary descriptions in all alt tag, good title tag, good descriptions this all are important things you note down for image based website after that use all off page work

There are many social media site where can images used to help the website popular important thing you can put a link every image you are posting, just search in google those popular site that can you make account then put those good images you have…

There are some ways to get SEO ranking for image-based site
1.Optimized image text, which includes page title, image captions, alt tag, content about respective image
2. Don’t forget to take advantage of Social media- Check out Pinterest and also create Facebook page for your network
3. Now a days Instagram is giving good results just check out how to use Instagram and other details
4. You can also use Flickr and many Photo sharing sites
All the best!!!

Thanks everyone

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