Best way to do this in Notepad++

Hi all, not sure if I can explain this properly, but here goes: I’ve been using ordinary Notepad since about 2001, but noticed comments from experts over the last couple of years saying how good Notepad++ is, especially for not messing with the coding, like Notepad does. Okay, have been using Notepad++ for the last few weeks and am getting a little confused and maybe I’m not using it as it should be used? In Notepad, I open a new Notepad, put some text in there and save it, then when I want to refer back to that file, I just open it as normal, BUT, in Notepad++, when I open the program, it’s got all the previous files of Notepad++ within the same one? Is there any of getting Notepad++ to act in the same way as Notepad please?

So you don’t like the fact that it permits you to have multiple files open via tabs, or you don’t like it remembering what files you had opened last time?

Both, but mainly the former.

Okay, try this:

Settings > Preferences > Multi-Instance > choose Always in multi-instance mode

For the latter,

Settings > Preferences > Backup > Uncheck Remember current session for next launch

Sorry bit late coming back on this, I didn’t get the email notification. Thank you very much cpradio, your solution worked great.

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