Best Way To Display Clients Photos?

I have a client with over 150 images in a folder that he wants to display on his website that I have created. Now usually I would use a simple javascript slide show but this will take days with this many photos. Does anyone have script or program they recommend that could help me do this and not make it too simple. The album would have to hopefully be generated on just a simple html website page.

Any suggestions would be awesome.

There’s no need to take days to set up a JavaScript slideshow. All you need to do is dump all the images in a folder (preferably ‘saved for web’, of course) and place a list of links to them in the HTML, which can be done in one quick hit with an editor.

Then just use a script like SlimBox (my favorite) and your gallery is up. :slight_smile:

but then would I not have to write each and ever link to all the images?
I was thinking somthing I could just upload them with ?

If you’re interested in a php gallery, check this out. Quite easy to setup and integrate into your website. Just upload all your photos/folders to root/gallery/photos/ and you’re good to go. Thumbnails are created automatically.
and a live demo:

Nice link, cssusr. That’s very impressive. :slight_smile:

imho, As easiest as it can get.
Tried Openphoto, but it didnt work for me.