Best way to check if all elements have FULLY loaded on the viewer's end?

I was wondering if anyone has figured out a near-perfect way to check if the client has all the elements fully loaded? Not talking about all the css and text loading and the event triggers while the client is viewing images load: I mean the event auto-triggers after all the images are fully loaded, along with the css, text content, etc.

(P.S. Not talking about AJAX. Literally when somebody visits a page itself, the elements all completely load first, then the event fires.)

Yes, that seems to be the window.onload event that you’re describing.

Hmmm… I was fairly certain that window.onload wasn’t foolproof across all browsers, but maybe I was mistaken somehow. Cheers though. Will give it a shot.

If your using a modern browser and javascript isn’t disabled, window.onload() IS full-proof, as they all implement it. Same with window.unload()

Yes, cheers guys. Working perfectly now.