Best way to build for mobile devices

Hi All,

I am starting a mobile version of our work website and wondered what people thought would be the best way to build/implement?

I have tested so far using htaccess to redirect based on the user agent string to a sub-domain containing reduced content wrapped up in a basic template and that seems to work.

Are there any other ways to achieve a mobile version?

The ALA article I linked to above gives a nice example of how a page can me made to render differently on a screen of max-width 420px. You can test it by resizing your browser.

do you have any examples of a mobile page?

I recommend looking at a separate style sheet for small screens. While media=“handheld” is pretty much dead, @media is really proving a bit of a game changer. Have a look at this latest ALA article. It’s very interesting.

Also have a look at this sticky thread in the CSS forum: