Best way of moving file location of Wordpress (Apache/ win)


I wanted to move my Wordpress site from one drive to another. I thought in my innocence that I could just move the folders and re-point the site file location in Apaches httpd-vhosts.conf file, and then re-start Apache: but I get a permissions problem and can’t see the site. It looks like because I don’t have permissions on the files in the upload folders (although I have permissions on the folders themselves) my permissions get removed at the top level - the only way around this seems to be to change the permissions on all the files individually - but that’s 700+ files and I’m not sure it would even work after doing that.

What’s the best way of going about this? I’m wondering if it’s just a case of doing a fresh Wordpress install and pointing at the old database: or else doing a fresh Wordpress install and then emptying the database and importing a backup?

Yes, I’m aware of that resource, and it says “If database and URL remains the same, you can move by just copying your files and database.” My problem is that when I “just copy my files” I get a permissions issue. So I presume there must be something else I need to do rather than just copying my files. But I don’t know what.

Here is a tutorial i did on moving WP site. It says anonymous for my name - go figure.

I never done it on a windows server but from linux to linux. But you really do not need to move all the other files just WP config and wp content folder.