Best Vbulletin-Drupal integration

I’m looking to integrate VB and Drupal and came across 3 products:

Drupal VB

was wondering if any users here got try at least one of the three, or maybe even more than one, and could give me some feedback about the product(s)


I’m new to Drupal. Just heard of it last month. Can’t help you but wondered if you decided from the 3 choices you mentioned… and if so, why the one you chose.

If you need to go with vBulletin, then I’d suggest Drupal vB over the other choices. vbDrupal is a “fork” of the whole Drupal project, which means they had to edit the Drupal core in order to integrate it more fully with vBulletin. This means the Drupal community will have trouble helping you with any problems (so for support you may be largely limited only to the small vbDrupal community). Though they have a track record of releasing security patches within a day or less after they come out for the real Drupal, they are far behind in keeping up with the major version (they are still on Drupal 5).

So far as Drupaltin… it was a promising attempt, but has pretty much died.

Drupal vB probably has the least significant level of integration between the two systems, but it does so as just a simple Drupal module. It provides the most important aspect, which is bridging the user accounts of both systems. Drupal vB is likely to remain well taken care of and upgraded to future versions, as it is developed by several highly-respected Drupal contributors (sun and rszrama, the latter of which is the developer of one of Drupal’s 2 main e-commerce modules, Ubercart).

If you don’t need vBulletin, then consider one of the phpBB bridge options, as they are likely to offer more integration, since phpBB is open source. Here’s a listing of all modules that have anything to do with phpBB: (the one that looks most promising to me is phpBBforum module)

All that said, also consider sticking with the Drupal core forum, paired with the Advanced Forum module, which helps automatically make the forum look/behave more like vB or phpBB, and automatically enables extra features depending on other forum-related modules you have installed in Drupal. I originally planned to switch my site to Drupal and use a vBulletin bridge/module… but since then I’ve personally changed my mind and will be going with the core forum (especially since it’s much easier to style/theme however you want now in Drupal 6 and/or with Advanced Forum). The forum theme is a bit more simple than you’d probably want (you can customize yours however you like), but here’s one example of a [URL=“”]Drupal Advanced Forum. Here’s a nicely styled Drupal forum (I believe it is just core forum, not Advanced Forum):

Good luck with your site :slight_smile:

I’m looking to do the same thing. Thanks for the info Keyz316.

I have seen few active sites running vbulletin + drupal both.
We are also upgrading to drupal CMS.
has anyone considered using amember for same ?

any more reviews about drupalvb ?

I thought instead of creating a new topic, I will stick to this and make a new reply.

Thanks for the nice discussions.
How about performance? Would Advanced Forum module scale up to the performance of vBulletin of phpBB?

Thanks in advance

Hi guys!

There was some good info in this thread that I was looking for, but I was wondering if that info might be considered dated now. Are there any newer/better integrations that have popped up since, or is Dupal Vb is still the way to go.


Trying a PHP programmer might be the best option they can design a program like this for you.

Nah, I don’t need anything custom at this point, otherwise I would. So if there’s an open source solution or reasonably priced software that fits, I will be opting for that instead.