Best Value/Quality Dedicated Server


I am looking to switch from fasthosts to another dedicated server hosting provider. My server was hacked and it took fasthosts 8 hours to respond to reset my root password. This is not acceptable so I am looking for another hosting provider that can provide a dedicated server at around £80 a month with unlimited bandwidth and 24 hour support.


If your server is unmanaged and you have been hacked I think it’s just you fault

Thanks for you informative answer. I am well aware of that fact. The issue is the amount of time it took to respond.


Just one small point, nothing is unlimited. You’d be far better working out what you actually need, add some on for reasonable growth and going from there - you’re far more likely to find a provider who is going to provide you with a decent experience then.


I suppose you can have unlimited number of domain names or databases given BUT only within given limits for the space and bandwidth.
In my opinion that might be considered as honest marketing trick


The clue is in the fact that you used the words honest & trick together, they don’t go together normally, I think that says it all :slight_smile:


I don’t know what kind of machine did you use with your previous provider, but if you really think that any web host will provide “unlimited bandwidth” on a dedicated server for 80 pounds, and if this is the main criteria, then you take a risk to sign up with another unreliable hoster.