Best torrent to use

I know that in the UK they are going to push through a law that if you get caught downloading or filesharing thing like music, films etc you can get your internet cut off by your providers. How realistic is this, I mean how do they intend to catch people this way and if so how can the filesharers get round this

They put fake files on the Internet (known as a honey-pot) for stuff like films and music on those torrent websites (so you wouldn’t know them from the real files)… they log all the IP addresses of people who try to download (or do actually download) the files - then they call your ISP, get your details and send the army of lawyers to your door. It’s very realistic, it’s easy for them to catch you (as you’ll be caught in a sting operation). Oh and by the way, we don’t promote illegal activities here, if you are doing it you are a criminal, no-one’s going to assist you in that - perhaps buy your music and movies next time. :slight_smile:

Move out of the UK.

Thanks for the info, I also am cleaner then clean, I did tape the radio once in 1993 but I think I got away with that one!