Best time to generate traffic from facebook and twitter


If I want to post a link on facebook and twitter, is there a best time of the day to generate the most traffic from these services?


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Yes but that time varries based on your audiance and the events of the world. For example, a brand with a lot of young customers may see higher after school activity and spike on christmas when people get products as a gift while an older target may use it more at work.

Make generalizations and then start testing them.

And don’t be afraid to demotarget posts either. On facebook you can set regions which can be a great way to hit major audiances at specific times so you don’t have an update going out at 4am to 40% of your users.

It depends on which niche you are working.However you may join in different relevant groups where you can get those targeted traffic all the time.

Absolutely right. I am satisfied with this post. Whether it depends on you how is your sharing skills.

It depends on which country you are targeting… You can see that maximum activity is observed in late evening to late night. So depending upon your target country publish the article in late evening.

Just keep in mind that not all audiances are late evening, even if the overall volume is up then. Some users are on more during the work day, others just after school ends, etc.

Yes, I agree - it depends whom you are targeting and again - people may have different internet habbits - someone stays online during the day time and another one checks his/her twitter/FB/other social networks only in the evening. Plus time zones :)))

traffic from facebook and twitter is basically depends on kind of niche you are targeting and the age group you are focusing.It also depends own kind of activities you are doing own facebook.

Sure, for example, when your target audience are business people you’d better tweet in working hours.

I think it depends on your followers… First try to analyze on which time your followers are active. So all in all, post a link when your followers are looking for something.