BEST template service?

hello everyone,

i need to start using web templates to sort of quicken development processes.

there are so many templates services to choose from that i have gotten a headache after researching for the last 4 hours.

my ONLY requirements are:

  • good S.E.O.
  • cross browser compatibility with IE6, etc (consistent look)

i thought about dreamtemplate ( ) because i like how you can buy a year membership and download as many templates as you want.

however, i am skeptical about the positive reviews i have read about dream template because there seem to be some negative reviews as well.

i would prefer to use a template service that has yearly membership which isn’t that expensive, but am open to ideas for the BEST template solutions.

what is the BEST template solution out there? which one is the best in terms of value and which one with no budget?

for an HONEST, unbiased look at things i can only turn to the SitePoint community. thanks! :slight_smile:

Probably the best template site is Theme Forest, It’s run by the guys at Envato (they own stuff like NetTuts and FreelanceSwitch): Hope it has what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

thank you…

also, what about ?