Best Suited CMS for Polls site

I am looking for a CMS which is best suited for creating a polls website

Main areas I intend having in the website is:-

  • Polls / results to be displayed in categories.
  • User login for site visitors to create polls, see polls created by them, generate code for their website for their polls / any poll.
  • Admin log in to manage the categories and polls.
  • Possibility of content management such as adding articles, pages and advertisements (google etc).

I am examining joomal, durpal etc.
If someone here can advice any suitable CMS script for this, it will be nice.


Welcome to Sitepoint!

Poll scripts and addons generally only cater for polls for the current site. A system where you can generate polls for your users to put on their sites is probably going to mean you’ll need to get a custom application written for you.