Best structure of a db, many tables, or many rows in 1 table?

im new to mysql but have spent alot of hours researching database’s, my website will have a system that users can give a score for an image, i do want it to be accurite as in, 1 user can only score the same image once.
I was thinking of either;

option 1
a table containing 3 fields that every single entry is inserted and updated in.
UserID, the imageID and the rating.

the issue is that it may end up with 500,000 or more rows for all i know.

option 2
Give every image a table of its own.
Table imageID;
userID and rating

there would be the same amount of rows in either method but one would have them split.

and then using sum() and divide by the rows counted to calculate the score per image ID upon request.

Can anyone give some useful suggestions?

Thank you very much

use 1 table

a separate table for each image is far too much overhead

I’d use a single table model. it’ll be easier to maintain with less server side scripting.