Best Spam Solution for Wordpress Blog?

Does anyone know of a good free spam Wordpress plugin? I’m getting over 200 spam comments per day. I heard using CAPTCHA can bog down your site, and that some people have a hard time reading the images and decide to not bother commenting.

Here is some reading not too far away :slight_smile:

Thanks. I actually just downloaded a captcha wordpress plugin. It’s only been an hour and no spam yet. :cool:

I use Akismet, and it pretty much does the job.

Sometimes it holds up legit comments, which I then allow.


Akismet is the best, with it you don’t need any captchas or super duper extra security measures

i have to say that Akismet rocks, no spam problem so far

Using captcha will create a problem to visitors while typing words in it. Instead use it simple mathematics wordpress plugin or you can also use you are a human not spammer wordpress plugin.
Akismet is having issues now. You can go for GASP, it is one of the best wordpress plugin at present when it comes to spam

I used Akismet and Conditional Captcha for MONTHS and still received a ton of spam comments. Even made a couple posts about them to my site for laughs. I eventually got sick of having to empty them everyday, and like you, began looking for a solution.

That solution was [B]Disqus[/B]. While I was researching using this option, some users said it slowed their site down, but I have not had that problem at all. Give it a try. You can always Deactivate and remove it if it doesn’t work out. Best of luck to you.

i used 3 of thsoe alternatives, now i haven’t had any spam!!! :smiley:

I’ve tried Akismet, but I switched to Defensio a few months back. It’s easy to install, and the service provides good statistics on the incoming spam comments.