Best software for professional multimedia web designer?

Trying to establish what would be the best to cover everything for a college assignment. Budget of £1,250 but seem to keep coming back to adobe suites. I am looking for variety for all aspects ie audio, animation etc, but i still seem to be landing with adobe’s choices.

Didn’t consider asking this on a forum but not think i need other opinions.

Anyone offer their thoughts on what would be needed, or why i wouldnt stick with the adobe products, as i cant see any reason!!

Many thanks with any input


Maybe if you list the kinds of programs you need people can suggest alternatives. I’ve seen other threads like this, and it’s amazing how many alternatives there are to Adobe products, often a lot cheaper too (if not free).

I know! I did a review of photoshop and GIMP a few months ago for school, first time i used GIMP but was really impressed by the ease of use etc.

Yes there probably are loads of alternatives that are free, but for the purpose of this, i think we have to actually use the budget!!

Kind of programs for a multimedia web designer? Im thinking, web design software, animation software, image manipulation, audio and video software potentially. Also been asked to do a review or set up for a student video editor but not a clue what they might need other than video editing software! So any offers there would be appreciated too!

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I assume you have to show a profit and loss or initial start-up costs; is it purely with regards to software multimedia licences? Else can support and hardware or other software like virus scanners or even DVD-R be included?

So far you have realised there are more than capable open source alternatives for certain programs at minimal cost.

However, now you’ll also have to address what the industry standard formats tend to be and what at school you tend to use for your current college course/subject.

You can always go primarily with open source and just sprinkle a few programs like Photoshop in there just to make sure you have spent something.

OK here is the basic set up. We have to buy software for a multimedia web designer and for a video student, with a 1250.00 and 350.00 budget respectively. So far ive come up with - wed designer software - web design software, image manipulation, illustration creation, and animation. video editing student - web design software, video editing software, and animation. To be honest ive not really a clue what a video editor does, well i didnt til starting this project so just guess work a bit.

Im thinking that most of the areas needed could be done by open source software, but as we have been set a budget i thought it best to use it! Need to justify reasons for using them etc which ive done for most now, just looking for thoughts. Oh and anything ive missed off? any video editors or multimedia web designers reading this now and shouting at my stupidity?? Ill listen!!

Thanks again


To be honest for the topics covered for the multimedia web designer, i’m very tempted to remain with adobes flash, illustrator and dreamweaver, just doesn’t show much in the way of imagination! Not too worried about the budget and could easily use open source stuff like GIMP mentioned earlier for image manipulation…