Best social media for e-commerce



Reading through all this, don’t discount LinkedIn. People often misunderstand it as just being for work on finding a job (I know someone who used LinkedIn to raise $1million to open 4 restaurants purely by making good use of his network.) It’s meant for networking. For instance, Id get your name in front independent house building companies with a view to supplying them regularly with underfloor heating, that kind of thing. I see posts every day from people saying “Does anyone know a good XXXX…” - then your reputation speaks for itself in the comments when people tag you as being a good XXXX.

Neil Patel (A well known expert in SEO) gives a pretty good argument for using it.


Video Marketing has come with great weightage in the current market, Instagram the short video promotion will be perfect for E commerce


You can use Facebook and Instagram, I guess. Facebook is no more a social network, but a platform for advertising. And in Instagram there are many accounts from different niches and all of them have a good traffic. Just built-up your strategy and work on your accounts: do regular posts, interact with followers and you’ll reach a success.


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