Best shared hosting in Egypt

I am looking for a quality sharing hosting which is located in Egypt and has English support. Does anybody know for any?

I have never seen the one and i’m not sure if there any DC in there. Have you tried to ask the same question on local forums?

I have never met such web hosts. That might be you will not find a one. In this case I recommend you shift the search to the some EU web hosting companies. I suppose with one of them you will be able to have hood connection speed there.

You won’t find a reliable hosting company in Egypt. First of all, they have terrible connection lines there, so don’t expect to have a great speed or uptime :slight_smile:

I think for the local users they will have the best connection speeds. Actually that is what they are looking for. But as that was said that could be no one wen hosting company be found withing the country.

I don’t think so. Did you use local Internet connection in Egypt? I did… Sure, it was better than nothing, but… :slight_smile: