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My travel company which is in 15 countries, has today one website per country = a total of 15 different websites (country1, country2). They have been created 5 to 10 years ago and are well referenced on google (in the 5 first positions on interesting keywords).

We are thinking about a centralised approach: one main brand website, with a page for each country (mainbrand/country1, mainbrand/country2)

Is it a good SEO strategy? What is the best SEO approach, a network of different websites linking to each other, or one main website, with a page for each country?

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Who is your target audience for each of these sites? Are they all aimed at the same audience, or is each aimed primarily at the residents of that particular country? Are they all in the same language?

If you are targeting different audiences, then this might be helpful:

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Hello. While most of the people think that creating different websites for different genres of businesses is better, it is definitely better to combine it. The reason being all the combined backlinks from your 5 websites will give you great amount of traffic and position on SRP’s. I saw a Whiteboard Friday on this on Why don’t you check it on their website, they will be able to explain better.

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Use the most natural way. :wink:

Right method for targeted traffic and SEO purpose.

Best SEO strategies? It all comes down on how you give value to all your readers and future customers.

Basically, we do have what we call On Page and Off Page SEO Optimizations.

I will explain it in simple terms and in layman’s terms.

On Page SEO Optimizations are techniques they do within your website or blog. They interlinking between your pages and posts using your keywords.

As for the Off Page SEO Optimizations, usually, they market and promote your website or blog using Social Networking Sites, Social Bookmarking Sites, blog commenting or guest blogging, forum posting, article submission and the like.

You can search for SEO company and let their experts do the job for you if you value your precious time. Try seodataservice website and see their available packages.

But if you want, you could do it by yourself and nothing can stop you. Google is your friend. :slight_smile:

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It seems you haven’t read the opening post correctly. @audrey6231 is not asking for general SEO advice, but for an answer to a very specific question:

Hello TechnoBear, I totally agree with your answer. Great answer.

The first step in getting your SEO strategy right is to fix a Yoast plugin like i did on my site. this will make it easier for you to create SEO worthy contents that will pop up on search engines. I hope this helps

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As I have already pointed out, this is not a request for general SEO advice, but a very specific question:

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Technobear gets it.

Centralize the approach. One website can be the authority (especially if it covers 15 countries) + multiple interlinks.
Different languages can be tricky.

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