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I decided to purchase one best SE submission/ SEO software. I come to know about many such softwares available today but difficult to take a decision on which one works perfectly well. Among them I found: a reliable one. ZEUS.

Does anyone here used any one of this softwares? any other softwares you know performs better?


Best SEO software and it’s free for real check it out
here is the link:

I think most people here tend to do SEO themselves. Most software is looked down on since SEO can be done much better by hand.

What do you hope to accomplish by purchasing that software? I don’t see the point in it.

he hopes to accomplish his seo work easier and faster

just like anyone else who is using software


Addweb -

It should do everything you need.

Best SEO software: Your brain

is that also the best word processing and spreadsheet software?

I recommend Addweb7 Pro as [b]stymiee[/b] does.

Most so called “SEO Experts” say they don’t use any software for optimization, but some well known experts as robin nobles tell you to use some of WPG tools.

I don’t think there is anything wrong using tools for SEO. You have to take advantage of them at what they do to ease your job. What are you going to stop using next? MS Word and turn in all project to your customer hand written? MS Word is a tool as well, so why do you use it? Simply because it helps go faster with your job. Are you gonna stop using IE and go back to use telnet ftp and text based bulletin boards? I don’t think so. Use the tools whenever needed.


seo ‘experts’ tell people not to use tools to try to help their business

the haeder and more time consuming seo is the more chance you will hire someone

I do understand SEO can be done very well manually and I myself followed this rule till date for most of my site. Now think about you are working for 100 websites and everyone want their results at top 10. God help those :slight_smile: but there is not way rather then going for a quick solutions.

Can you tell me, what you will do rather then going for a SEO softwares? As for example I installed IPB software which submit sites automatically but give us the interface to enter code manually where Verification code is required. I have heard a lot of praise about this software? any users?


Tools I use for seo.

  2. Microsoft Excel. Make spread sheets to track things.
  3. Notepad.
  4. Macromedia Dreamweaver.
  5. Seo chat forum board.

All you need for SEO. I aint saying that becuase its harder its easier using them for seo than tools.

Hi, Thanks ! I look into AddWeb 7.0 Professional edition (unlimited projects) [b][/b] and looks excellent. Did you yourself work with this tools? Did you ever check [b]IBP Business[/b] (unlimited)[url=“”][b][/b] ,looks promising and price is little lower then AddWeb.

If any SE experts from here visit this two sites and give a comparison reports and any other suggestions, helpfull :slight_smile:



Thanks. Please clarify point No.5. (it should be in reverse order, think so) :slight_smile:

WEbCrawler, I use both IBP 3 unlimited and AddWeb7 Pro both good tools. If I recommeded one of the two, it would be addweb.



Thanks. so my decision is going towards Addweb 7.


Hy everyone,
Here I will tell you a little bet about Advanced Web Ranking. And if anyone has questions about it is welcome to ask me.

Advanced Web Ranking is able to query over 130 search engines and quickly find out if you’re moving up or down in the rankings, or if your site is listed at all. It will track the progress of your rankings over time and display that information in an easy to read and understand graphical and tabular reports. It can help you check not just the position of your website but the position of your competitors’ web sites as well.

Advanced Web Ranking has the ability to generate and email reports after an update was finished. Couple that with the Scheduled Updates ability, and you will be able to turn on your computer in the morning and find reports on your websites ranks waiting for you in your Inbox. As a SEO, you can have updates being run and sent to your customers every night without even lifting a hand. Various types of reports (Current Rank, Top Sites, Web Site, etc.) can be created in any of the formats Advanced Web Ranking supports (PDF, HTML, Excel, XML or Text). Then they can be emailed to any of the addresses you pick from the Address Book, or saved to a folder where you can access them over the Internet.

Here is what’s new in Advanced Web Ranking 2.6:

This version features a new and improved report generator, two new Rank Evolution charts for Keywords and Search Engines, and major speed improvements while generating the reports.

  • New report generator with many enhancements.
    • speed improvements.
    • ability to generate the report in background.
    • ability to preview the report in the default viewer.
    • ability to customize page size and orientation for each report.
    • ability to send Text report in the email body instead of attachment.
    • ability to hide the chart legend in the PDF and HTML reports.
    • PDF reports have links for each URL.
    • HTML reports can now contain chart images.
    • HTML reports have links for each URL.
  • Quick Reports - create reports on the fly.
  • Rank Evolution improvements.
    • Added Keywords chart.
    • Added Search Engines chart.
  • Customizable color intensity for inactive graph lines.
  • Customizable subject field when the report is sent by email.
  • Localization: Added French language.
  • Updated Help: Added two more tutorials: Basic and Advanced.

For other questions I am here. :slight_smile:

Monica Rotaru

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned Webposition Gold or [URL=]WebCEO. Nobody think they’re any good or do they not fall under the same category?

Though I have mentioned about WebCEO in my very first message. Now its become more difficult to analyse best among them. As I myself never used such software before so I started analysing things by their own PR in Google. I know this is not the correct way of judging any softwares but I have not found any comments from users who used such softwares before and what are the results. I found most of them suggest doing stuff manually I also explain the reason. If anyone from here used such tools, please share your exp with us- (7) (found nothing) (6) (2-4)

As a reporting tool looks good to me (just started the tryout). But like some of the others, I believe that manual submission is best.