Best ReactJS tutorial? Interactive

does anyone know of any good interactive tutorials for ReactJS, React Native? It seems there is only like 1 or 2 actually interactive tutorials that exist, the rest are just video tutorials.

Welcome to the forums, @cananzacorey. What exactly do you mean by interactive tutorials?

I have been coding in React since 2015 and I didn’t do any tutorials. I think if you check some video courses or articles with basic React concepts such as component’s state, props, lifecycle… and then try to code something simple, you should be fine.

by interactive, i mean a tutorial which has a coding interface and it tests you with various coding exercises. Learn by doing, as they say. Two examples of what I am talking about is freecodecamp and CodeAcademy.

That’s the advice my friend has given as well. Learn the basics and then start coding on basic sample projects. Do you know of any very simple sample projects that can be used for practice?

Hi @cananzacorey, have you tried the official tutorial? It’s quite good IMO and about writing a tic-tac-toe game:

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Hello Cananzacorey
you can visit from there you can learn the basics codes and after that start coding on basic projects

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