Best practice to handle site revisions


I have been always asking myself if what I’m doing is the best way to manage site revisions. Every time I want to give my site a new look I basically create a new folder with the revision number and basically start from scratch.

Create new index file, new stylesheet file, new mockup, new images folder etc…

How do you handle your site revisions?

How about for sites that will only change color scheme?

Can you guys please share your methods?


Thanks a lot for your comments!

Thanks a lot!

what about bringing all the files over to your computer, opening the .html files and editing things from there?

If you just want to change something small like a color, surely you could just edit the stylesheet? I think the key to making a successful transition from one update to the next is ensuring that you make your life as easy as possible by separating structure, style and behaviour. That way, if you want to have a new look, you can simply empty out the CSS file and redesign it from scratch (leaving the HTML and scripting in place - as they are only related to the content and functionality). :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your comments!

First of all thank you all for your comments.

The reason for this question is because I have some sites where I basically want a small change, may be a color change, and I basically rename some of the existing files and create new ones for those but I may use the same CSS file and when I want to refer to the old revision of this site it no longer work properly because some of the files have changed and its a little frustrating so I want to adopt a better work flow for small site changes.

Again thank you all for your comments!

I have main site folders and any revisions are subfolders inside.

But when I get more knowledgeable about git, it will be my godsend.

Each of my sites has its own bzr repository, and if I’m going to overhaul something major like the look and feel, I’ll tag the current revision with something meaningful like ‘2010 look and feel’, then just modify the existing files.

[FONT=“Georgia”]hmm… Mostly I rename the older version of the file with the current date appended.

So if I’m redoing “index.html”, it will be copied to “index (2010-09-27).html”, then I proceed with editing the original “index.html” file.

With site-wide revisions, I do the same with the website’s folder.” would become “ (2010-09-27)”.

When I sort out whatever bug, amendment I need sorted though, I usually go back and delete all of those past copies. I’ve found that I very rarely need to go back after a change has been made.