Best practice for promting a forum for specific keyword?

I am trying my best to promote my forum for the very competitive keyword “Webmaster Forum”. These are the techniques I am using

  1. Using sig links on other forums with the keyword “Webmaster Forum” (without quotes of course).

  2. Commenting on blogs with this keyword in the NAME field.

  3. Linking to my forum from my other sites using the same keyword.

  4. Getting reviews from other blogs and asking to put link with the keyword “Webmaster Forum”

But still the forum has not got any decent position on search engines for this keyword. It is appearing on 8 or 9 page on google and sometime I just can’t find it even I browse up to 20 pages

What should be my practice to get good ranking for this keyword?

Absolute waste of time. The average forum page has 200 to 400 links on it and no or minimal PR. Even 1/400th of PR6 pages would be nothing. These links don’t help you at all.

Mostly a waste of time. The average blog page has little PR. Remember that pages have PR, not sites. Even then, if the blog doesn’t nofollow comments, you’re still competing with tons of links on the page for a fraction of that PR. And you’ll never create enough links on your own to compete for such a competitive phrase.

Assuming you have some PR to throw around and don’t have too many other links on the pages you link from, that can help.

That’s good, not just for backlinks, but to attract people to your site.

This is a very tough phrase to compete for:

  1. All your competitors are experienced webmasters that know about SEO.

  2. Much of your competition has a 15 year head start on you.

The only way it’s gonna happen is to have a better, more popular forum. I’m not exaggerating about this one. You will not outcompete the backlinks of 15 year old entrenched forums with hundreds of thousands of members unless you become extremely popular yourself. No link building you do can compare to the number of people continually placing new links to forums with millions of posts.

Nice answer by Dan :slight_smile:

I agree - you’re in too much of a competitive space. The only way you’re really going to get cut-through is by focusing on a niche that has a highly motivated/engaged audience/community.

Dan and serio are correct about the competiveness of the term. You’d have a better
chance of ranking for “buy viagra” where you could make a few hundred dollars per day.

You need to target some three or four word phrases.

noobie webmater forum
webmaster forum for newbies
webmaster forum for automobile sites
webmaster forum for shopping sites

I dunno, but good luck.

One other thing that might help.

Create profiles on authoritative sites.
Comment on that site’s front page story.
Link your profile to your homepage.


you have alot competitors on your targeted kw… maybe try to target more like long tail kw…

Commenting on dofollow blogs with relevant keywords would help you to get more traffic. But do not spam on blogs. Be natural.