Best practice for a node process to synch feeds


I have just started working with node.js, my background is PHP so I would like your help if i’m able to do this in a nicer way.

Right now I have a database of rss feeds and a php script running multiple instances via cron to schedule updates of the rss feeds.

Now I have been looking to migrate this to node.js and with the package would the approach be the same for running the updates? Ideally i would love if there where multiple instances or simultaneous checks since i have quite a lot of feeds to be updated every few minutes.

Thankful for ideas / suggestions and even samples :slight_smile:

You’d have to perform the checks asynchronously. JavaScript is inherently asynchronous, which works very similar to threading. Since Node.js is going to just keep running, you don’t really need a cron job for something that needs to run continuously.

Other than that, this question is fairly vague so I’m not sure how else to help. The examples on that repo use async/await, which is the newer way to do async programming in JS and will work fine Node 10+.

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