Best place to sell a Cloud Storage site


I’m looking to sell my Cloud Storage site. We tried selling on Flippa last year, and the buyer never paid.

Looking to do Escrow this time to ensure that the deal goes through without any issues.

We get 2.1Mil Unique Visits monthly with 4.4Mil page views.

Thanks in advanced!

Yon con try selling it on

That site doesn’t have that much traffic flowing through it… is it known for higher end buyers?

dotceo, it’s not just about traffic. Flippa may get more traffic, but a lot of that activity is from buyers and sellers in the sub-$1000 market.

Some larger sites sell in Flippa, but the best online businesses that come up for sale don’t go to public auction. They are sold by brokers and private deals all usually subject to non-disclosure agreements etc. Brokers often have lists of buyers they contact by email.

websiteproperties is one well known place for the sale of websites. There are some more here.