Best place to get headers / logos?

Hey guys,

I need a professional looking header for my dating review site, and probably a logo as well. I have a couple requests out on, but was wondering if anyone can recommend any other good services for this type of thing.



Hi ckelly06. Welcome to SitePoint.

You could try 99designs, where you set up the parameters of a project and people bid for the job by submitting proposals.

Thanks, will def try that.

It wont get any cheaper than on fiverr. Thats for sure. I myself am on fiverr to :wink:

please i need a free graphic desigh site to learn graphic design

Just Google for photoshop tutorials, there are plenty of them. One of my favorite tutorial sites is Good-Tutorials - Newest Tutorials

Photoshop is pretty easy to learn with some guidance that you can easily find online. There are tons of tutorials and whatnot to help you.

I specialize in clean web graphics, I can design them for you quicly and affordably. PM me, thanks