Best performing CMS for shared hosting

I’m looking to build a website for my school and am wondering which CMS would be best for this task. Performance is what I’m concerned about because I’m using a shared host. Here’s what I’d need:

  • Localization because it’s a language school with 3 languages
  • ACL to handle different user roles (teachers, students, parents, etc)
  • class pages, teacher pages, student pages, parent pages, accounts for 1000s of users, etc

It’s a toss up between WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. I can program in the needed functionality, and I know each system has either native support or plugins for what I need, I’m just worried about performance. I’m expecting no more than 1,000 visits per day.

My shared host isn’t that bad, but it’s shared. What would you recommend in this case?

Of those three options you have picked, I would go with Wordpress just based on ease of use and technical resources available. Of the 1,000 visits per day, how many of those people will log in? If most of them are not logging in, you can benefit from using a Wordpress caching plugin that will cache content as static HTML and serve that to visitors who are not logged in. Anyone logged in will get dynamically-generated pages.

Wordpress is big and bloated. But so is Joomla and Drupal, and some may argue more so. 1,000 visits is not the most important metric so much as page views is. 1,000 visitors averaging 2 page views is going to be less taxing on a server than 500 visitors averaging 10 pages (also consider bots). Many web hosts have business shared hosting which allows for more resource consumption than traditional shared hosting. You could look into that. You can find business shared hosting starting at around $20 a month. For a little more you could go to a VPS plan. It all comes down to how much you want to spend.

Good point about the page views. The majority of the website’s traffic will probably be students and teachers, all of who will sign in. Students will probably only view a few pages (probably just the home page and their class page), though the teachers will be using it quite a bit more.

If the three CMS’s I mentioned are pretty bloated, are there any others you would recommend? Thanks so much!

1000 hits/day…any of those solutions would work fine even on a shared host…it’s actually more dependent on the host. If you have a physical server with a million accounts even custom C++/assembly code isn’t going to perform well.

WordPress is probably easiest, joomla has the most plugins in terms of mini-applications and drupal is by far most extensible if your ready for a headache.