Best PDF editing software?

That’s a good idea, if I could find their email list sign-up!

OK, thanks for the feedback. Just wanted to hear from somebody that uses this software.

I knew about the trial, so that’ll be my next thing so I can do some testing

Anybody have any experience with Nitro PDF?
( found at )

wOw! That doesn’t provide alot of confidence in the product…

Does the Adobe program get “clunky” at times too?

If it doesn’t, maybe I need to invest in that if it’s a superior product?

I use Nitro PDF Pro and I can recommend it as a great solution, it can be a bit clunky in certain situations but it’s the best Acrobat alternative I’ve come across.

My advice would be to download the free trial and see if it meets your needs, that’s what trials exist for. :slight_smile: