Best page size?

What is the best width of the web page in these days , because there are lot of screen with different sizes ?

The answer lies in your question… :slight_smile:

Because people use websites with tons of different devices, from mobiles, to smart phones, to monstrous 50" monitor setups, it’s best to use a liquid, elastic, or semi-elastic layout and not define your layout dimensions with a fixed width such as pixels.

that means , we have to do device specic web pages ?

No, it means the opposite; by designing your website as flexibly as possible. i.e. by creating fluid or elastic layouts and applying clean and modern coding techniques & technologies, you lessen the need for having to create different versions of your website to accomodate other devices.

The answer is: “the one that fits into my browser window”.

Seriously, that’s the answer. If it’s at all possible (and 99% of the time it is), design a site that will stretch and squash to the available width. That way people with narrow screens won’t be visited by the evil that is the horizontal scrollbar :fire: and people with wide screens won’t have loads of wasted space down the sides.

You would be well advised to add a min-width (maybe 600px) and a max-width (maybe 1200px) to give some boundaries to the design, but within that, just go with the flow :cool: and give me the size that I want.

thank you