Best Option for Family Photos & Blog

Hey guys,

I have two children that currently have websites of their own for sharing photos and stories about them growing up. It was created on a home-grown database of my own.

I’ve been thinking about switching over to a real CMS and possibly combining the sites into a single family website, since now that the kids are getting older most photos and stories include both of them, and I end up telling the same stories twice…

I’m also planning on leaving my current host, so I have full opportunity to use whatever CMS seems to fit my needs best.

The photo area is very important (my wife is a photo enthusiast), so I want something with a pretty slick photo area… allowing posting, comments, tags, and easy navigation and searching.

The stories are easy… Pretty much all the CMS’s do at least a decent job with blogging. Don’t need anything crazy special here.

Ability to also do videos would be interesting…even if it were a connection to a YouTube channel, in some way.

I’m really curious about the ability to either bring in certain Facebook photos and/or the ability for photos posted to the CMS to be sent to Facebook (I’m not afraid to do my own coding, if that is necessary to use a Facebook API if no CMS has it built in). This isn’t a requirement, but would be nice.

Anyone have a recommendation for the nicest CMS for this type of site?

I have experience with WordPress, but I’m just not sure it has a nice enough photo option. I googled for a while hoping to find a CMS specifically built for this, but not really finding anything good.

Thanks for any input!


Hey Brandon.

I think WP, Joomla, Drupal, Expression Engine, DotNetNuke and plenty of others will do this but you’ll have to configure them to do it through customization to get the features you’re looking for.

There’s also Gallery or Gallery 2 that will give you all sorts of image manipulation and display but I always thought it was a bit overkill.

Of the top of my head, if I were going to attempt this project I would use Drupal (because I know it) and then use

  • Content Creation Kit (CCK) module and the views module to develop/configure the presentation part of the site.
  • For content management UI, I would use the WYSIWYG and TinyMCE.
  • The MCE module, MCE Directory module for file management and
  • Image Cache and light-box modules for uploading and managing images.

That would give me enough tools to create content types for my galleries, manage directories and upload thumbnails and images.

I’m sure you could pick similar modules to do this with other CMS systems. I’m just more familiar with Drupal.