Best opensource framework for News site (like BBC,CNN etc)


Which would be the best CMS/framework on which I can build a News website similar to CNN, BBC etc. I dont know if Joomla is feasible since the current stable version mixes content management and CMS administration (correct me if I’m wrong). Would Drupal work?

advice please!

I would use a blog platform with a news magazine like theme.

There are some great themes for WP to do something like this.


I’m a big advocate of Joomla. Joomla can definitely be used for a news site like this - I’ve set one up myself (not as big as CNN mind you!).

The only major issue we had, which is a common issue in the current stable release of Joomla is with backend user management. You can give a user various levels of administrative access but you can’t specifically limit a user to a particular category or section fo the site. So, if you have one writer in charge of the Financial News and another in charge of Sport, they both have access to each others content.

I believe we will be able to overcome this with Joomla 1.5 which is just over the horizon.

Joomla also has over 2600 extensions on the Joomla site which you can expand your site with. It’s a real gem.

Drupal, from what I understand has better user management but not as easy to use as Joomla. But, I’ve never really got my hands dirty with Drupal so shouldn’t really comment on it. Perhaps someone else can…

Your not wrong exactly. Administrators and Super Administrators have the ability to edit content and administer the CMS. Managers rights are restricted to content management only. Create your content writers as Managers and the only menu items presented to them in the backend are related to content management. They can’t install components, change global configs, etc.

Thanks, I actually didnt know that.

I appreciate everyones feedback. I’ve never touched Drupal…even with a pole. Will download it and see if it is as difficult to get around as people say. In the mean time, joomla might win. will have to code in some backend bits, i think.

eZpublish is another one to look at alongside Drupal.
Both have relatively steep learning curves, but can do everything you need once you get to grips with them.


joomla for a magazine or cnn site is a breeze. I have run several. To create a CNN type site isn’t difficult with joomla. Unless you have deep pockets or very good php skills, Drupal isn’t for you.

thats encouraging. care to share a link of sites you’ve done
any suggestions on components?

If you want to create a CNN type site, have a look at rocketheme templates. -

Demo links click on sporticusV2/Suckerfish

Whilst I have never used rockettheme, their templates would work similar to a new joomla site I created in my signature.

Another alternative is - . I have used ijoomla magazine component, but, whilst it functioned well, it was a tad cumbersome for me. I believe the news component is good.

Don’t stop there as there are many options available to you if you search.

Here’s one I put together almost a year ago. Though, it looks like the owner has abandoned the site, it hasn’t been updated for a while.:confused:

Great job with this site. I have to check to make sure it was Joomla. Just goes to show how flexible the script is.

Even though I am relatively new to Joomla, I think it would be best for what you seek. :slight_smile:

dalt, your site is the type I’m looking for. so it can be done…you rest your case! will look into the extensions and hopefully bring out something just as good

viperfish, yours is quite creative too. wouldnt think its joomla

brilliant sites

thanks for the tips.

I would suggest Joomla