Best online training program for phpo beginners?

Note: I mean PHP, the extra o was a typo.

I have been using cms for a while but my php coding knowledge is still very limited. I want you guys to recomend a good beginners online video tutorial program that i can purchase. The best one for starting out.

Why part with money when it’s all online

Search for php tutorial

Depending on what level you want to learn, you could start with this site:


Sorry, but these are poor examples - w3schools is a terrible resource, and the freewebmaster one is awful.

Here’s a good place to start:

Also, read tutorials here:

Sorry, but I’ll disagree with w3schools. They have a pretty poor track record compared to and other blogs/source. For more info, see

nettuts is a good resource (I’ve personally used one of their affiliate sites for extending my audio knowledge). I also recommend going to a Library and checking out a few PHP related books. Stay away from the PHP in 24 hour stuff, get a book that will take you the distance, but slowly, it is far more beneficial.