Best music albums?

What albums do you consider to be among the best, or the best ever?

I will only mention [B]Maximum Security[/B] - easily one of the most quality albums ever, made by Tony Macalpine - easily one of the best guitarists (and composers in his genre) ever. This is his 1st and probably the best album in his exceptionally strong and versatile career (in terms of styles and quality).

No offense, but I didn’t care for the album you posted. Tastes will surely vary but some of my favorites
Are You Experienced
The Wall
The White Album
Saturday Night Fever

The best album ever, according to me, is Salival from Tool. Especially Pushit from that album is amazing. The song lasts for almost 14 minutes, but every second of that is awesome. As the leaflet of a festival I went to (Lowlands, in the Netherlands) put it, Tool is “painfully correct”. When listening to it you really feel that every millisecond has been thought. It just all comes together in a very nice way!

Another great one is S&M from Metallica. Every time I hear that album I dread that I wasn’t at that performance, I’m sure I would loved it. Just a perfect piece of music fusion.

And of course there are the classics like Fat of the land from The Prodigy, several albums from Muse, Placebo etc.

Another one that is quite unknown is Adagio by TLC. For those of you who watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a few of the soundtrack songs are by TLC (the werewolf singer girl? her). Like I said, quite unknown and hard to come by, but very good music!

No offense, but the feeling is mutual :wink: (except for Thriller)

Disco! Awesome! :smiley: Love the Bee Gees. Love this, too:

I love “No Leaf Clover” from that recording session (used to listen to it every morning as I started work) but can’t say that I care for weepy strings added to the rest of Metallica’s songs. :x

The “Best Album” is going to depend on genre. As far as heavy metal goes, I think Slayer’s “Seasons in the Abyss” qualifies as one of the greats. Megadeth’s “Countdown to Extinction” is another great album. For basic rock ‘n’ roll, Led Zeppelin IV is my favorite (or anything by them). The Beatles “Abbey Road” is about the only Beatles album I can stand to listen to from start to finish and it’s great. Boston’s debut album is another rock classic that is great from start to finish. Guns ‘N’ Roses “Appetite for Destruction”, and AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” and “Back in Black” are great albums that you can listen to from start to finish.

I guess nobody buys albums anymore? Just mp3 singles? The Rolling Stones have some great songs, but most of their albums consist of two or three good songs and a bunch of filler nobody listens to.