Best method to allow editing of multiple records at once

Hi folks. I’m an experienced Classic ASP developer with relatively little ASP.NET experience. I’m looking for some opinions on the best way to handle a situation in ASP.NET.

I’ve got 6 fields in several database records (RecordCount is dynamic but usually between 5-20) that I would like to display in a table and allow editing of only 4 of the 6 fields, with a single save button for the whole page (not per record). Is there a control that I’m overlooking which will allow me to do this much easier with ASP.NET or am I looking at doing a similar amount of hand-coding as I would have to do with Classic ASP?

Please let me know if you need more info or an example to understand what I’m looking for. Thanks in advance everybody!


you can use DetailsView Control you can even use the wizard or you can use store Proc

Yes the detailsview control can do that, or you can do it yourself within tsql

I appreciate the responses, but I think I may not have been clear enough about the kind of control I’m looking for. From everything I’ve read, the DetailsView control can only edit one record at a time. I’m looking for a control that allows editing several fields from several records at the same time with a single save button for the whole page. Thanks again everybody!