Best method for the job, Drupal, hand coded PHP, WordPress?

Hi, I’m just a year in with my experience in web development and I need some opinions and advice on how to approach a much needed job coming up.

Here is what they need:
A website with about 3 or 4 main links that will have several subcategories under each one. These are not products pages, just galleries that list types of products and etc. No e-commerce here.
They want to be able to pretty much edit all content and pictures themselves. Many images will ideally be within jquery’s galleryview or something comparable to it.
They’d like the site done within a month’s time.
SEO is not an issue, this is an informational site.

Now here is my experience and skill level:
I’m able to build a site easily by hand using html and css.
I’m familiar but by far an expert with javascript.
I’m teaching myself PHP, could probably get enough figured out here to do this myself, but time might be an issue here.
I’ve worked within a Drupal site before, most notably doing a version update for it, but it was an e-commerce site where as this is not.
Brief brush with WordPress, not very familiar with it.

What would be the most efficient use of my time to develop this? I’m leaning towards creating this as a Drupal site, but am unsure about a lot of things. How hard is it to create a theme for Drupal? Is using Drupal for something like this (not e-commerce) overkill? Does it just make more sense to code this with hand written PHP? Or would something like WordPress be more well suited, even though I know pretty much nothing about it?


I vote Wordpress.

The thing I fear about using WordPress is that I’m even less familiar with it than Drupal.

How easy is it to build a unique theme for WordPress?

I do remember working within a WordPress site on SEO work and actually being able to change the pages via FTP which was nice. Drupal as I remember didn’t have that option, but that’s probably because everything is database driven with it. Which one is kinder in the control panel to the computer illiterate?

Use Contao. I am a big fan of this solution!

While Wordpress and Drupal could both do the job, given the type and layout of the content you’re talking about I would go with Drupal.

I don’t know that much about drupal. But, from the beginning i’m using WP and when i start using Drupal, i feel little difficult when compare with Wordpress. Now i’m in the process of learning to create a theme in WordPress.

If you’re familiar with Drupal, go for Drupal
If not, go for WordPress, it’s much easier to learn and your clients will love it.

I think WordPress would be easy for you.

Either WordPress or Drupal would work well here. That being said, Drupal may be a bit overkill for a site of this size. WordPress is generally easier to get setup and to deal with small sites like this.

Additionally, I find WordPress to be more user-friendly for editing when it comes to admins who are not tech-savvy.