Best Method for News Integration

I have some clue about adding the news in a web site, however, any ideas on how to go about adding / integration related news in a web site will be appreciated.

What platform is your website hosted on? This will affect the type of integration you would use?

Its linux, Cpanel.

Linux is the type of server that hosts your website. C-Panel is a domain management platform that is a part of your hosting package. Generally when someone asks what platform your web is on, they are asking if 1) your website is static html, 2) what CMS you use (if you use one) or 3) what web-hosted program you use to generate your web pages if it isn’t either static or generated through a CMS.

However, it doesn’t really matter what platform you use; there are scripts that you can use to integrate content into your website but, like all content, if you are republishing from other sites, make sure you have the appropriate permissions to do so.

One of the most popular ways is by using an RSS feed.

I develop websites for my customers, mostly static, at times dynamic using WP or Joomla or other commercially available CMS. Php. At the moment I am conversant with RSS and and trying to learn / find others.

If you are using wordpress, I think there are free plug ins that could be useful for this. Also, a blogroll would do the same result.

To use for the CIM. It lets you create a profile of paying customers and then charge against him, whenever you need it. In his case, after shipping costs were determined.

What is the role of RSS Feed Subscription then?

As what it’s abbreviation suggest, it could syndicate content from the main source for better reading format using some third party online readers.

Remember that any news you add to your site must be unique, and not published elsewhere on the Internet (or just copied from somewhere else). Many websites make the mistake of taking a news feed from somewhere else and believing that the content will help their SEO, but it doesn’t. Google wants to see sites with unique content, not copies of other sites.

I am also looking for this but i want country specific news only.

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Use Rss feed, Atom feed, Podcasting and last Press release. All of the specially use is latest website news sharing!!!

RRS feed is the best i think. good luck

i use rss feed now. i think rss feed is the best for me.

Same here i use rss feed & atom

It would appear that RSS feed is the consensus here. Since the original question was asked last August, I guess we can say, “Case Closed”.