Best meta description and keyword generator?

I hate doing metas - description and keyword. So tedious and unrewarding. But it is one of the final steps here on my new site so I have to get to it. I would love to find something (some site) where I put in the URL of the page and it simply spits out the tedious work for me. I have not been able to find such a generator as of yet. Do you all know of one?

Note: to be clear there are tons of generators. Most you put in the keywords and it spits out the code. Not helpful. A couple I found come back with suggested keywords (no description) and you pick which ones. It doesn’t seems to pick very good words. I checked out googles but it doesn’t seem to do that either unless I’m missing a option??

You have to pick what words you want but it gives you a list:

Then there is this

You can save yourself some work and simply ignore meta keywords as it serves no useful purpose.

As for using an automatic generator for description, I’m not sure I see the point. If you don’t provide one, Google (and presumably other search engines, too) will assess the page and decide what it’s about for themselves. Their automated process is probably as good as, if not better than, anybody else’s, so why bother using another service?

The meta description is sometimes displayed in the search results instead of content from the page. Personally, I’d rather have text I’ve written and vetted there, rather than some auto-generated stuff which may or may not sum up the page accurately.

As mentioned spending time on mere keywords is pretty pointless so you can save sine time there.

You don’t have to use meta descriptions, search engine are very good at picking out relevant text snippets from pages to return in search results anyway, and they are often far more useful!

If you feel the need then just write some good meta descriptions just for important or key pages…

I know thats why I never do them. But this line of biz is very hard to break into the first page. So every bit helps.

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