Best merchant account nowadays?

Have been out of the loop for a while. Last time, I used
Which are the players nowadays (except PayPal which I loath)?

Neither that site nor PayPal are merchant accounts. If you’re looking for a 3rd party processor, PayPal is still #1 by far, but there’s also Google Checkout and Amazon Payments. If you’re selling digital products rather than physical ones, there are loads of options just for that like Clickbank and e-junkie.

OK, sorry for wrong terminology.
3rd party processors then.
Yes, I’m presently more interested in options for non-physical services.

checkout 2checkout, plimus, regnow, avantgate…

As Dan said, e-junkie is a popular one for digital products.

Another popular online store option is Shopify, which is worth a look. (Despite it not appearing in their FAQ :-\ they do handle digital sales: