Best lightweight backup software?


I run windows vista on my laptop. I have an external USB HDD. I want to take incremental backups of my entire computer including all files everything to my USB HDD incrementally say once in a week or even daily. Which is the best freeware/shareware available for this backup tasks ? preferably it should run in the background and run with a tiny footprint so as not to interfere with other processes ?

Thanks in advance

You can try this

Geek to Live: Automatically back up your hard drive

However, you might want to look for some reviews on the software, As I have no heard of it or used it before.

Thanks. Looks like a fine backup tool.

What about the one that is already built into Windows Vista?
Typing “backup” into the start menu search should give you one.

The one in Vista is also a low priority service working in the background so you can continue to use the computer.

I got a Seagate external HDD with built-in rebit software, it has happily been keeping a real-time backup copy of my windows 7 machine for the last few months. The rebit software is available for 40 bucks or so.

What do you exactly Mean Lightweight Backup Software? Do you mean in terms of installation space? will be the best solution for you, unlimited storage of your entire hard disk. But right now its invite only. Keep watching them to see when they are offering more invites.