Best Keyword List Format

Since the update worried about my keyword list on post which would be better for SEO. This is an example keyword list for a business/corporate template listing.

free web template,free business template,business template,free template,business web design,corporate template,free corporate template


free web template,business,corporate,web design,css template,html template

or keywords as if they were tags


Judging from your signature sites you’re using the meta keyword field which is all but gone, a forgotten remnant of a time when sites were [more] honest and search technology more basic.

I don’t know that there’s any detriment to leaving this in place but I certainly wouldn’t waste time worrying about how it’s structured. Just keep it short and on point so you don’t look like you’re trying to game the system or content stuff.

Edit: According to the tag should be avoided entirely or [like I said] they suggest keeping it short.

After the google penguin update my traffic dropped 50% and as I understand so did most peoples with similar sites as mine. It’s a little disturbing to see sites similar to mine but with less content and more ads get higher rankings.

I’m not sure why you’d assume the keywords meta tag plays into that but as Google is all about reducing SEOing, it seems like a smart idea to remove it.

Thanks for your input.