Best js metho to open a popup window?


I am trying to create a simple “popup” page for a hotspot system. I am trying to find some javascript that won’t get blocked by as many browsers as possible.

So basically, once the user has authenticated to the hotspot, it redirects them to a page on my server. This page contains the amount of time left they can browse before they must re-authenticate, etc… It’s a countdown clock… and also a logout button.

I would like this page to also appear as a popup window, so that when they start surfing with the other page… the popup window remains, so that they can still see the countdown clock and the logout button.

(otherwise… as the system works now… as soon as they navigate away from the page after authentication… they can’t logout any more and they can’t see the countdown clock)

I hope that makes sense? So basically… I am trying to find the best (compatible with most browsers) way to open a window that won’t trigger the browser popup blocker to kill the window.