Best image Slider (with row of thumbs) and Lightbox functionality built-in?


Does anyone know of a Slider (featuring a row of thumbnails underneath the main selected image) but which also has Lightbox-style functionality built in?

So that you can click the thumbnails to change the large image on display, but then also click that large image to open it up full screen in a lightbox?

I havnt been able to find anything with this combination :confused:

There may be a better solution, but I’ll offer this, in case nobody else comes up with one.

Highslide JS is highly configurable, with a wide variety of options. Several of their sample galleries show a greyed-out “expand to full size” button, which suggests they would do what you require, but I can’t find a demo which includes this behaviour. Worth exploring, perhaps, if there are no other suggestions.

(Examples can be found here: and here:

Highslide is not a slider though mate… just looks like a static gallery lightbox :((

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