Best image editor?

What is the best photo editor? that you can create a beautiful and unique background and also you can put text message. please i really need to know about it
soon as possible…

All replies are highly appreciated.!


The best is adiobe photoshop if want some killer pics but u will need some knowledge about it but if u don’t know u how to use it then u can simply edit ur pics in online pic editors softwares.

Yes, Photoshop is a great tool for this. If you can’t afford that, Gimp is similar and free. Or you can Google “photoshop alternatives” and find something else.

ACDsee is another great software to edit image with due parameters

Photoshop is, as stated before, the best and most powerful software and is the industry standard. However, you can consider the editors listed here if you don’t need all the features of Photoshop. According to what are you going to use the software for, some are better than others…

Hello guys,

Thank you so much for all the information, I’m gonna try it now. but I’m wondering if Photoshop is user friendly or not?

Photoshop is the industry standard, as mentioned, and will be the recommended tool 9/10 times.

Be warned, however, that it is quite difficult to learn. I don’t know your life or intelligence (and don’t pretend to), but you need a good deal of time, energy, and determination to master it.


I think photoshop,
Many friends told me that phoshop is very tuff and not so easy to learn. But i do not agree with them. Because i started photoshop with no knowledge. I started to follow some tutorial by searching google. After viewing 4-5 tutorial photoshop became so easy for me. Now i am very satisfied with photoshop.
And photoshop is the one softaware which can make any impossible possible with images… :slight_smile:

undoubtedly Photoshop:)

If you can get a licensed version of Photoshop then that is really the best out there. There are plenty of tutorials on the net and you will be able to design what you want within a short span of time.

All graphic designers I know use Photoshop. I believe, that makes sense. Moreover, they seem to have some snobbish attitude to those who use alternatives.

If you can get a certified edition of Illustrator then that is really the best out there. There are a good amount of lessons on the net and you will be able to style what you want within a brief.

I think photoshop is the industry standard and what most profesionals use.

I use Gimp because it is Free and there are lots of Sources where I can find the help I need.
The only problem with Gimp is that it is not so user friendly especially if you are new to any Graphics Design Software

i think Adobe Photoshop because Adobe Photoshop is user friendly and it provides tools that will aid you in the editing and enhancing photos values.

I would disagree with this statement.


I like Adobe Photoshop and i am perosnally using it , so i want to suggest you adobe photoshop.