Best host hostgator?

Is hostgator the best hosting? How are the suppost features in hostgator?
i would like to know?

Yes, Hostgator is cheapest and have quick live support team…

As long as any web host serving good is always best, you would know only when you try them. Ask for trial hosting if you want to try with this web host, read through TOS, review feedback.

What’s your hosting requirement spec and by now you may have chosen one, if you have any feedback about web host you could share it here.

A friend of mine who used them before switching filed a support ticket for tech support and it took them a week to get back to her. Not quick at all.

I prefer hosts that use live chat and phone support.

Not the best yet; but they are cheaper. If you search then you may able to find coupon that will cost only 1 cent for the first months. However, features are associated to the category of different valued packages that they offer, they varies in the memory space, number for domains for hosting and the value. Some other features are also belongs to them; for exact details please visit their website.

Then which host do you recommend :blush:

Among the budget providers I’ve tried, Hostgator would be a safe bet. Lots of the cheaper hosts are low quality.

Recently Hostgator launched an Indian branch. I thought you might be interested in that.

is it thank you so much…

They are great. I have my own at if you wanna check it out :slight_smile:

Yes, it is. AFAIK the servers are Indian based for the .in brand.

Their hosting is cheap and the service reflects that. They’ve gotten too big headed since 2003 and lost all the quality in their service. Wouldn’t recommend them as there are options out there that cost the same or less while providing stronger uptime.

I think that is personal opinion of certain client. There are a lot of other companies over there and a lot of people like their services.
I suppose that is not correct statement about “Best web host ever and for everyone”, because that is not possible for any web host to be good for everyone.

They’ve gotten too big headed since 2003 and lost all the quality in their service.

In 2003 they were a tiny host compared to most. I really doubt any “bigheadedness” could have started back then. :slight_smile: They got to a decent size, relatively speaking, maybe in 2006, but I didn’t notice a major change in attitude. Major changes have been that they stopped at some point the use of outsourced live chat techs, and went for all in-house support, and that they switched to a largely non telecommuting model (employees are required to come to work in their offices).

I don’t have problem recommending them due to good experience with the company.